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Around my town theme week

As a school we have been thinking about our local area and significant events. We started the week looking at Halloween. The whole school went trick or treating at Mrs Weatherburn's door to receive a sweet. We thought about how to stay safe when trick or treating, remembering about stranger danger and road safety. We made our own trick or treat bags and carved pumpkins.

We also learnt about the festival of Diwali and how this is important to Hindu's. We created rangoli and mandala patterns using chalk and natural materials. We also made diva lamps from clay, thinking about how to stay safe around candles and flames. We compared Diwali to our own local celebration of carnival. We voted for our float's theme: 'Under the sea' and created a float out of furniture, adding our own drawings and found items from within the class. We made our own 'under the sea' dances to dance alongside our cart to music. 

On Friday, the whole school learnt about Bonfire Night. We talked about why we celebrate this event and how we celebrate today. We created different types of firework pictures out of glitter, chalk, paint and experimented with splatter painting.