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Around our town Theme week

During this theme week we celebrated 'All around our town'. We celebrated things we may be celebrating within our town such as; Halloween, Carnival, Bonfire night, Diwali! 

For Halloween all the children came in dressed up! We created lots of Halloween crafts and we even went trick or treating on Mrs Weatherburns' door! For Carnival we researched into the History of carnival and why it is important to our town. We also designed and made a carnival cart with each other. The children also talked about what costume the different people on the carts may be wearing. For Diwali, we discuss the importance of this festival and the festival of lights by making our own lanterns. When we looked into bonfire night we discussed the history of bonfire night and made some firework paintings. It was important for all of us to talk about safety around the fireworks, carnival and halloween.