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Around our town themed week

The children have enjoyed a busy week learning about local area events including ‘Bridgwater Carnival’ ‘Fireworks’ and ‘Diwali’ the Hindu festival of light. The children have looked at photographs and video clips of past ‘Bridgwater Carnival’ carts and have been designing and making their own carnival cart, working in small groups.  They talked about what pictures and objects would be on their cart and discussed costumes that the people would be wearing. It was fun listening to carnival music and watching the lights! The children have created their own ‘Diwali’ lamps using clay and created some detailed Rangoli patterns using bright colours. In Forest school the children made magic wands using sticks and coloured threads. Today we have been looking at ‘Firework’ patterns that can be seen in the night time sky. The children have created some wonderful firework patterns too. It was important to talk about how to keep safe when watching the carnival and fireworks. We also talked about how to cross the road safely.