Curriculum Statement

Hamp Nursery and Infants’ School is committed to meeting the requirements of the new Curriculum 2014.
The curriculum will continue to be taught with the consideration of all learners, will continue to be exciting and inspirational in order to nurture, within children, a passion for learning.

Meeting the requirements of the new curriculum:
Teachers will maintain the high expectations for every pupil whose progress will be monitored through ongoing tracking and assessment, Data Analysis and Pupil Progress Meetings with Senior Leaders every half term.

Cross-curricular learning will continue as currently planned by teachers and be further extended by a programme of ‘Curriculum Days’, Themed Weeks and local visits, etc, arranged by Curriculum Co-ordinators

Our Themed Weeks - Carnival / Space / Worldwide Art and Cultural / Healthy Eating & Living, and visiting performers such as West End Theatre, Drum Crazy, Pied Piper and Gloria Lawrence – ‘Storytree’ all provide cross curricular, cultural  activities to ensure a broad range of creative experiences for our pupils.

The Talk 4 Writing initiative is now entering its third year and positively supports pupils’ development of spoken language, reading and writing across all subjects.

Maths resources have been extended to ensure a maths rich environment for our children which includes: Numicon package and materials for all classes, number lines, use of number and symbols in displays and Somerset Total Communication (STC).

A series of whole school workshops are scheduled throughout the autumn term for Co-ordinators to disseminate details of the changes, update schemes of work and share ideas/work collaboratively with colleagues, supporting where necessary.

In addition, key stage meetings every two weeks provide opportunities for Teachers and Teaching Assistants (TAs) to discuss what works well and what does not, planning, targets, monitoring and assessment as well as best practice.

Curriculum Co-ordinators monitor the delivery of their subject area in each year group on a termly basis and provide feedback.  Any common issues or concerns arising may be discussed via the Key Stage Meetings.
Co-ordinators’ Portfolios are being developed/updated to ensure that they contain current and relevant materials, providing a valuable resource/ point of reference for colleagues.

Through the new Appraisal Process for Teachers and an established programme of observations of both Teachers and TAs, the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) will be able to monitor the implementation of the new curriculum, to identify training needs of individuals or groups of staff and to plan/address ongoing developmental needs to ensure pupil progress.

Our school is well resourced in terms of staffing; our support staff are considered to be a vital and valuable integral element in respect of the teaching and learning.  Both indoor and outdoor learning environments and equipment/teaching materials are of a high standard.
Co-ordinators have undertaken an inventory of central equipment to identify any shortages.

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