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Diversity and Equality Week

During our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion week, we talked about how we are unique. We celebrated our differences talking about our interests, skills and family.  We explored where our families are from and looked at different parts of the world.  It was interesting to discover our family origins all over the world including United Kingdom, Romana and Poland! We made our own family trees and used Bee-Bots to travel around a map. 


On our Religious Education day, we learnt about Hinduisim and drew our own Mandirs. At the end of the week, as a school we talked about significant Black Britains. Our class focussed on Sislin Fay Allen, who was the first Black female Police Officer. We learnt that she was a pioneer for women who might have been too nervous to join the police force before.

On Friday we explored the culture of Jamaica by playing some music and dancing to traditional folk music. We listened to the story 'Mixed' by Arree Chung and discussed how there are many different people in the world and we should be kind and look after each other. 


We were thoughtful and respectful with our discussions.