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Equality, diversity and inclusion theme week

As a school this week, we have been exploring and learning about different cultures, religions and reflecting on our own lives. We started our week thinking how we are all different. We played games to reflect on how we might sometimes look the same but we can also look different. This helped us celebrate ourselves and our own uniqueness. We then thought about our own families and how they are all different. Some children brought in family photos and family trees to share who is in their family. Everyone then created their own family trees, drawing their faces and talking about who is in their family.

As a school, each class focused on a different worldwide religion for a day. In Snow Bear's we explored Buddhism. We looked at books about Buddhism to help us learn about what is important to Buddhists and their daily lives. We created mandala's and prayer flags, painting these the 5 significant colours to Buddhists. We created lotus flowers and listened to mindful music.

We spent two days thinking about Black History Month. As a school, each class focused on one significant Black Briton, we celebrated the life and work of Mary Seacole. We thought about how lives of nurses have changed over time and the challenges Mary faced. We also celebrated Black culture. We watched videos of Notting Hill carnival and created our own masks. We thought about how we should all be kind to each other, creating posters on ways that we will show others our kindness.

Black History Month