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This week we have been celebrating Children's Mental Health week and Safer Internet Day.
On Monday we began by taking part in a story telling activity. The children came up with their own characters and setting. They then acted it out in our story square. Miss Baker quickly wrote down the children's ideas and we typed them into a book. the children then became illustrators and drew pictures to accompany the words. 
On Tuesday we learnt how to stay safe online. We talked about the different technology we use at home and listened to a story about how the internet can be like a window to lots of different places. We then discussed what to do it if we see something that makes us feel uncomfortable. All the children were able to say they had a trusted adult to talk to. We also had Forest School and the children had chosen to have a campfire. Mrs Bryant kindly agreed and we sat and had hot chocolate and hotdogs. The children were so sensible and really enjoyed themselves. 
On Wednesday we though about healthy lifestyle habits including healthy eating and sleeping. We talked about different types of food and sorted them into groups. In PE the children chose to use the large apparatus with Mr Wright. They were able to move safely and with good balance. In the afternoon we talked about the importance of sleep and why we need it.
On Thursday we have talked about our well-being and mental health. In the afternoon we had out lots of different activities that we decided on as a class such as; arts and craft, playdough, puzzles, books, listening to calming music, Lego and pinboards etc.