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Admission to school comes about as a result of one of two situations:


Starting School for the First Time

Children starting school for the first time are normally expected to join in the September following their fourth birthday, therefore children born between 1st September 2015 to 31st August 2016 are entitled to start school in September 2020.


Parents/Carers have the right to defer their child’s entry to school for a limited period of time, although legally a child must be accessing full time education from the beginning of the term following their fifth birthday


Applications for a school place can be made by completing an ‘online’ application form Apply to start school for the first time ( or by obtaining a copy from the school office.


The deadline for receipt of applications (normally mid January) is set by Somerset Council where the Admissions Team is responsible for allocating all first time admissions and who will also notify all parents/carers of their child’s allocated school (usually mid April). Details of all relevant dates will be found on the Somerset Council website, Primary admissions guide (


Once the school is informed of all children allocated to us, we begin our Induction Programme which includes visits to our school for the children to meet their teachers, for parents to receive information followed by a Parents Evening where you will have the opportunity to talk with the teachers and staff involved in your child’s education.


In-Year Admissions

If you have moved into our area or wish to move to our school during the school year you will need to complete an Application for a School Place During the Academic Year Form and return it to our school.  The form is available from the school office or you can print a copy from Somerset Council's website In-year school admissions (


In year applications can be considered for up to a maximum of half a term in advance of the place being taken up.


Our planned admission number for each year group is 90 and once this is reached we cannot admit more children into that year.


Once we receive the completed Admission Form and providing we have spaces in the appropriate year group, we will contact you to discuss starting date, school routines and organisation etc.


Where an application has been refused in any year group, the child will be placed on a waiting list.  This will be kept strictly in order of oversubscription criteria by the Local Authority, as the Admission Authority, and the child will remain on the waiting list until the end of the academic year in which the application was refused.  Parents are responsible for informing the Admission Authority of any changes in their circumstances, which could affect their place on the waiting list.


Transferring to Junior School

At the end of Year 2 our children move on to Year 3 in either a junior school (the majority of our children move to Hamp Academy), or a primary school. 


For children moving on to a junior school (Year 3 to Year 6), a ‘Primary Phase Admission Application’ needs to be completed online, at Starting at a junior or middle school (  The process is similar to that for first admissions.  As the Admission Authority, Somerset Council is responsible for the allocation of places.


For those parents who wish their children to move into a primary school (Year R to Year 6), the process is different. An ‘Application for a School Place During the Academic Year’ will need to be completed.  These applications must be made in paper form rather than online; applications are available from the school or can be printed from Somerset Council’s website, at In-year school admissions (  The application form will need to go directly to the school at which you are applying for a place.


The school to which your child is transferring will contact you directly with arrangements about their Induction Programme/Parents Evening for new children.


Detailed information regarding Admission to Schools in Somerset can be found 
on the SC website: Our admission arrangements (