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Scooter park

We are all very pleased with our new scooter pods and racks. There is lots of space so we encourage our children to be healthy and active by scooting to school.  The main gate is locked during the day so the scooters are quite secure, but you are able to use your locks on both the pods and racks if you wish to.

We encourage children to wear safety helmets and these can be taken into the classrooms and kept on pegs during the day when the weather is wet and you don't want to leave them out in the rain.


For everyone's safety, we ask that both children and adults jump off their scooters and walk with them once inside the gate. Electric scooters are not permitted to be ridden anywhere in our grounds, including the long driveway up from Rhode Lane. 


Parents/carers and siblings who are not staying for the day but just dropping off and collecting are also asked to park their scooters/bikes on the way in and collect them on the way out. Thank you. 

New scooter park