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'Words, Words, Words' Theme Week

This week the children have taken part in activities based on our theme ‘Words, Words, Words’. On Wednesday the children enjoyed learning a ‘Ten-word tiny tale’ based on ‘Robots’. The children had some imaginative story setting ideas and created some wonderful pictures to illustrate the tiny tale!  It was fun constructing some imaginative ‘Robots’ using a variety of construction equipment. We explored using recyclable materials to create robot houses too.  The children enjoyed a shared reading session with the Year 1 children from ‘Percy the Park keeper class’.

On Thursday ‘Pete the Poet’ came to visit our school to take part in an imaginative storytelling session where the children went on a magic carpet ride. It was fun dressing up in different costumes and using animal puppets as part of the activity. The children had some amazing story ideas following the session about where they would like to travel on a magic carpet and what they would see on their journey and who would travel with them.  

In Music the children learnt a teddy bear song and dance with Mrs Jolliffe.

On Friday the children have been learning about the ‘Winter Solstice’ and exploring ‘Winter’ seasonal art and craft activities. We also talked about the ‘World Day of Peace’. The children shared their ideas about ‘Peaceful’ activities that they enjoy helping them feel calm.