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Healthy Mind healthy body

Our theme week this week was called 'Healthy Mind, Healthy body'.


We learned how to keep ourselves safe when riding a bike or a scooter and how to stay safe on the roads. We made posters to help other's to stay safe too.


We focused a lot of our time on the things that make us happy and how we can use them to keep our minds and bodies healthy. Some of us like to play sports or to go to the park and we learned that this is good exercise that keeps our bodies healthy, but is also very good for our mental health.


We learned how to look after our teeth and we brushed our teeth everyday in school. It was funny brushing our teeth in school as well as at home but we learned why it is important to look after your teeth. On Friday we got to take our toothbrushes home.


We tried different foods that are healthy including different types of breakfast and a yummy whole school fruit salad.


Lastly, we went for a 1 mile walk around the Hamp estate to get us all some exercise and some wonderful fresh air in the sunshine. Phew, What a busy week we had!