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Hamp Nursery and Infant School Hamp Nursery and Infant School

Hamp Nursery and Infants School

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School uniform plays a key role in promoting pride, self-confidence, and a feeling of belonging within any school. These factors contribute to children's wellbeing, removing the additional pressures on children of competing with their peers. Less stressful for parents too! 

At Hamp Nursery and Infants school, we pride ourselves on our unique uniform choices. We have three different uniform colours, which enables our children to make choices from the very beginning of their journey with us. This represents that we are a diverse community, that we understand that we all like different things, and that we can all be included, and celebrated as ourselves. 

Our school colours are jade green, royal blue and red, and our branded uniform items are provided by South West Schoolwear. The shop is located in Bridgwater, please see the leaflet attached below for more details.

The branded uniform items are sweatshirts, cardigans and t-shirts (for school and PE), the children also use red or blue bookbags. For all other items there are many uniform outlets that provide these at affordable prices.  We always recommend going for red or royal blue if you are purchasing non-branded items, as these match our colours best. Navy blue or dark green are not our uniform colours. 

We also sell out-grown good quality uniform, that has been kindly donated to us by parents, when they no longer have a need for it.  We will hold a sale after school, during the first week after each holiday. This will usually be on a Wednesday, unless we happen to come back on a Wednesday, and then it will be on Thursday instead. All these items are offered at £1.00 per item, to help keep our uniform affordable, and all money from this will go into our pastoral care fund. Please ask if you would like to purchase items at other times. It is easily available. We are happy to accept donations from parents at any time.