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Brilliant Bridgwater Theme Week

The children enjoyed a week learning about the local community celebrations in the town of Bridgwater. We started the week by coming into school dressed up in costumes to take part in the Autumn seasonal tradition of 'Halloween'. The children enjoyed helping to carve out pumpkins and interested to look inside at the seeds that we scooped out. It was interesting to find out about the Hindu festival of 'Diwali' the festival of light and 'Fireworks'. The children used the clay to create their own diva lamps and the shapes to create 'Rangoli' patterns. We talked about the importance of 'Fire' safety. It was great fun having a camp fire in our forest school session, when we toasted marshmallows and drank some hot chocolate. We explored painting some fantastic 'Firework' pictures  using paints and coloured chalks. On Friday we learnt about 'Bridgwater Carnival' and worked together to create carnival cart models in small groups. Miss Baker came into our classroom to talk about the Carnival because she is on a real carnival cart this year and talked to the children about her costume and theme of the carnival cart that she is on.  It was really interesting and we asked some good questions. We ended the week with a school parade to show the whole school what wonderful art work we had created