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Endangered Wildlife Week

This week we have been thinking about endangered animals such as Amur Leopards and Bonobos. We have thought about what why all animals are important to our planet and what we can do to help our world so that the animals have a safe home.

On Monday we thought about the question "How does a species become endangered?". We discussed deforestation and the impact cutting down many trees has on an animals habitat.


On Tuesday we asked the question "Which species are the most at risk?". We focused on learning about the Amur leopard and made our own handprint leopards.

On Wednesday our focus question was "What is being done globally to help endangered species?". We made turtles using coffee filters, colouring them in with felt pens and then using water to let the colours blend.

On Thursday we thought about how we can help by answering the question "How can we help prevent endangered species from becoming extinct?". We focused on the bees and how we can plant flowers to give bees more food to eat. We planted our own sunflower seeds. We can't wait to see how tall they grow.