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Children's Mental Health Week

The children have really enjoyed our special 'Children of the World Week'. It is also 'Children's Mental Health Week'. Each day we have had a different learning focus. On Monday, the children arrived at school dressed ready to express themselves and it was amazing to see all of their different clothing. We talked about our favourite things and how we are special and unique. It was fun expressing ourselves through art and we took part in colour splatter painting outside to create some wonderful colourful patterns. We looked at the work of the artist 'Jackson Pollack' who expressed himself through art by creating colour splatter designs. The children also talked about what job they would like to do when they are older and we had some interesting job ideas. On Tuesday it was Safer Internet Day and we discussed what types of technology we use at home. Our focus was to ensure that children understood that they must play safely when online and talk to a trusted adult when they are worried about something that they are unsure of. It was Well-being Wednesday and we listened to the 'Colour Monster' story and talked about the different feelings and emotions that we have at different times. We encouraged the children to always talk about how they are feeling and ask for help when needed. The children enjoyed learning about the different colour monster emotions. We had some calming time and went for an outdoor walk and listened for sounds of nature and had fun blowing bubbles! We really enjoyed taking part in a 'Pirate' themed yoga session and mindfulness colouring too. On Thursday we celebrated the Chinese New Year of the Dragon. The children took part in making dragons and mark making using the chinese symbols and made lanterns. On Friday we celebrated 'Friendship' and 'Valentine's Day' and made people who are special to us cards and bracelets.